adns.jpg (2888 bytes) ADNS Welcomes the Year 2000 by Holding Domain Registration Prices Steady for Domains in the EARTH, USA and Z Top-Level Domains

CHICAGO, JANUARY 3 /BusinessWire/

AGN Domain Name Service, Inc. (ADNS  - ) today welcomed in the 2000's by announcing a that it will not increase registration prices for domains its EARTH, USA and Z Top-Level domains in spite of the fact that several registrars have recently announced price increases.

ADNS charges a mere US$10 per year for maintaining a domain either the USA, EARTH and Z Top-Level domains.

"Several registrars are allowing prices to creep up, but we are committed to keeping the essential services of the internet available at the lowest possible prices", said John Palmer, President of ADNS.

ADNS owns the three top-level domains "EARTH", "USA" and "Z" and provides internet sites with the ability to register a domain in a TLD other than COM. (Such as WWW.MYDOMAIN.USA, WWW.MYDOMAIN.EARTH or WWW.MYDOMAIN.Z).

ADNS is part of the Open Root Server Consortium (ORSC - ), a group of individuals and organizations who are all interested in an open, fair and technically sound global Domain Name System for the internet.

SOURCE: AGN Domain Name Services, Inc.

CONTACT: John Palmer, jp@adns.net312-560-3934