adns.jpg (2888 bytes) ADNS Alternative Root Name Server Gets Over 350,000 Hits in its First Month of Operation; New Top-Level Internet Domains are here Now.

CHICAGO, March 1, 2000 /BusinessWire/

AGN Domain Name Service, Inc. (ADNS  - ) today announced that its root nameserver, ASLAN, received  353,135  hits in less than a month of operation.

John Palmer,  president and CEO of ADNS says that this indicates that there is growing frustration with the current internet domain name system. "People are tired of the battle that has been raging for over six years over how the internet Domain Name System (DNS) should evolve", Palmer said. "ORSC and ADNS are moving forward with their own DNS model"

ADNS is part of the Open Root Server Consortium (ORSC - ), a group of individuals and organizations who are all interested in an open, fair and technically sound global Domain Name System for the internet. ADNS is providing ASLAN free of charge for the use of the internet community.

ORSC supports many more top-level domains (TLDs) than the current system does. The top-level domain of an internet address is that part of the address after the last dot (for instance COM, NET, ORG). There are currently only three main TLDs and all of the good names are taken. ORSC supports new TLDs like EARTH, USA, Z, WEB, PER and many more.   More and more people are pointing their computers to ORSC name servers which means that a growing segment of internet users can see these domains. Users can point their computers to the new servers in less than 30 seconds and will still be able to see all of the existing .COM sites in addition to any sites ending in the new TLD suffixes. Instructions are available on the ADNS website.

ADNS will publish a monthly usage report on how many hits ASLAN receives, including comparisons to previous months. A complete report is available at

ADNS is also launching a worldwide advertising campaign entitled "Define yourself or Be Defined" to enlighten both web surfers and website operators about how they can join in the DNS revolution.

ADNS is also launching their internet portal site called http://The.EARTH. This site is accessible to any computer that is pointing to the new DNS servers.

ADNS owns the three top-level domains "EARTH", "USA" and "Z" and provides internet sites with the ability to register a domain in a TLD other than COM. (Such as WWW.MYDOMAIN.USA, WWW.MYDOMAIN.EARTH or WWW.MYDOMAIN.Z). ADNS has been providing internet related services since 1993.

SOURCE: AGN Domain Name Service, Inc.

CONTACT: John Palmer, /  312-849-2753