adns.jpg (2888 bytes) New Top-Level domains EARTH, USA and Z internet-wide visibility continues to increase, increases by 16% in May; Free Registration in MARTINIQUE.EARTH on June 12.

CHICAGO, June 1, 2000 /BusinessWire/

AGN Domain Name Service, Inc. (ADNS  - ) today announced that usage of its root nameserver, ASLAN incresed by over 16% in the number of unique users that query the server.

John Palmer,  president and CEO of ADNS said that although the total number of hits decreased a bit from April, the key statistic is the number of unique users accessing the server. "Unique users give you a feel for how many users are able to see the new top level domains". Palmer said that there was a lull in the advertising campaign in May and this contributed to the lower overall hits. "We are back on track with our advertising, launching a major portion of our campaign on Wired.COM and other Lycos sites", Palmer said. 

ADNS owns the three top-level domains "EARTH", "USA" and "Z" and provides internet sites with the ability to register a domain under these top-level domains. ADNS has been providing internet related services since 1993.

Each month, ADNS will offer free registration, web hosting service and domain service for those registering a domain in a specific part of the EARTH, USA or Z hierarchy, provided that they promise to develop public content under that domain name. This month, anyone who registers a domain which ends in MARTINIQUE.EARTH on June 12th between 4am and 5 am Eastern Time will receive free registration, DNS and web hosting services for one year.

ADNS is part of the Open Root Server Consortium (ORSC - ), a group of individuals and organizations who are all interested in an open, fair and technically sound global Domain Name System for the internet. ADNS is providing ASLAN free of charge for the use of the internet community.

ADNS  also operates the  internet portal site called http://The.EARTH. This site is accessible to any computer that is pointing to the new DNS servers.

SOURCE: AGN Domain Name Service, Inc.

CONTACT: John Palmer, /  312-849-2753