adns.jpg (2888 bytes) ADNS Offers Free Year of Domain Registration to Customers.

CHICAGO, January 29, 2002 /Business Wire/

John Palmer, President and CEO of AGN Domain Name Service (ADNS -  announced today that ADNS will give one free year of registrations to those who registered a domain ending in .USA with the website 

"ADNS wants to help out those who mistakenly registered domains with We want to protect our trademark and our business product. Its not good that so many people lost money with", Palmer said.

ADNS has been operating the .USA registry since 1995, when it filed an application and claim for the .USA with IANA, the naming authority at the time.

Registrants who registered a domain with DOTUSA.COM can go to and click on the "DOTUSA RECOVERY" link at the top of the page to bring up the claim form. ADNS will give one free year of registration for each .USA name that a person registered with prior to January 31, 2002, provided that the domain is not already taken by an ADNS customer. 

"We have received so many desperate calls from people who want to know why their domains aren't listed in the .USA whois registry. I have to tell them that they have been had", Palmer said. "This is bad for our business and our trademark. We must help these people if we can". 

ADNS has been the registry for the ".USA" top-level domain since late 1995 and has registered the TLD as a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Palmer says that the only site on which people can register a ".USA" domain is the ADNS website ( All of ADNS's top level domains (EARTH, USA, Z and AMERICA) are part of the Inclusive Namespace and are not under the control of ICANN. These TLDs cannot be viewed by all of the internet, but only those that use an Inclusive Namespace DNS Server such as the ORSC Servers. ( It is estimated that between 7 and 12 percent of the internet now sees the Inclusive Namespace, which contains several thousand TLDs. 

Palmer's advice to internet users: "Don't fall for SPAM that arrives in your Inbox. You should always check things out before you spend money on the internet". Palmer added that ADNS does not advertise by way of unsolicited e-mail and does not sell its customer's data to marketers, and does not ever intend to do so. "If users would like to register a domain under .USA, the only place they can do so it, and the price is only $14.95 per year, not $59", said Palmer.

ADNS ( owns and operates the top-level domains AMERICA, EARTH, USA and Z and is part of the Inclusive Namespace. Contact John Palmer,, 312-560-3934.

SOURCE: AGN Domain Name Service, Inc.

CONTACT: John Palmer, /  312-560-3934