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We do all of our correspondence by e-mail. In order to get the fastest possible response, please direct your e-mail to the proper e-mail address as listed below. We have an e-mail list for all ADNS customers called ADNS-CUSTOMERS. If you are an ADNS customer, follow this link to join.

ADNS uses the Inclusive Namespace Registry System (INRS) for all domain registrations. Everyone wishing to register a domains within ADNS TLDs or any TLDs for which ADNS is a registrar must obtain an INRS account (free of charge). 

To Register a New Domain: 

Click on the Register link on the ADNS website. You will be prompted for your INRS user ID and password. If you don't have one yet, there will be a link for you to create one.

For those wishing to register a domain in the EARTH or USA geographical hierarchy, please send a message to

To change your DNS Servers or contact information:

Simply go to the ADNS website and click on the appropriate link, log into your INRS account and select the option to either manage your domains (DNS) or contact information

If you have a Billing Question or Concern:

For General Questions not Covered Above:

If you lose your INRS password:

You need to send a message to the INRS Administrator at and request a password change. You will need to provide the answer to the security question that you provided when you created your INRS Account.

ADNS does NOT do ANY customer service via telephone. 

All correspondence by U.S. Mail should be sent to:

AGN Domain Name Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 763
Portage,  IN