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Use these tools to register domains, manage your contact information, change the DNS settings on your domains, review your past invoices and  look up domains. 

ADNS is part of the Inclusive Namespace Registry System (INRS). If you want to register in any of ADNS's TLDS (EARTH, USA, Z, AMERICA) or in any of the other TLDs for which ADNS is a registrar, you need to create an INRS account. Creating an account does not cost anything. To do this, click on the Create A New Account link below. 

Exchange your .BIZ Domain for another domain
(More information)

Register Domains
Click here to register new domains. You can view discount pricing here as well

Change Your Contact Info
Click here to change the contact information on your account, such as name, address, e-mail.

Manage your domains
Click here to change the DNS settings for your domains or to extend the registration terms of your domains

Domain Lookup
Find out if your domain choices are available - also known as "WHOIS"

Create a new INRS Account
Click here to create a new INRS account. This is free and is required if you want to register domains.

View Your Past Invoices 
Click here to see a list of all invoices issued on your account in the past twelve months

Terms and Conditions ADNS Terms and Conditions - the agreement that governs your domain registration

About The Inclusive Namespace
IMPORTANT information about these domains and why they are NOT part of ICANN. READ THIS before registering any domains here.

Customer Service
Important links and e-mail addresses of ADNS Customer Service.