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  .EARTH   .NOT   .Z   .ONLINE  

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Is your internet connection ready for the 21st century?  Do you want a better name for your website? Is your first choice for a .COM domain taken?  ADNS and The Inclusive Namespace provide an alternative to the current ICANN monopoly

To make sure your computer can see ALL of the sites on the internet, follow these simple instructions (and its FREE).  If you are an ISP - all it takes is 2 MINUTES to make all of the sites on the internet available to your customers - follow these  Tips for Internet Service Providers.

Need a place to host your new EARTH, USA, AMERICA or Z website at a economical price? Check out:

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NOTICE: EARTH, USA and Z are not currently recognized in the "legacy" root servers. ADNS Makes no guarantee as to the visibility of these domains on the greater internet. Click on the "About Inclusive Namespace Domains"  link in the left-hand index for more information.


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